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Dr. Patricia Wolff, DC, MFT

Nourishing ourselves through nutritional, spiritual and physical practices



- About Patricia Wolff -

Blending her skills as a trained psychotherapist, a classical homeopath, and a Doctor of Chiropractic, Patricia Wolff has been practicing in the field of natural health care for women and children for over 30 years. Her focus is on an integrated exploration into the care of our bodies, minds and spirits. She was lay ordained in 1995 and given Lay Entrustment in 2010 at the Monterey Bay Zen Center by Katherine Thanas and also offers Buddhist psychotherapy focused on relationships, communication and mind/body connections. She lives in Carmel Valley with her husband, two children and pets.

B.S. Human Development
M.S. Counseling Psychology
Doctor of Chiropractic
Marriage & Family Therapist
Training in Nutrition, Homeopathy
Meditation, Non-violent communication

Member National Center for Homeopathy
Member Buddhist Peace Fellowship
Member Lay Zen Teachers Association
Monterey Bay Zen Center Board of Directors
Monterey Bay Zen Center Teaching Council
Millenium Charter High School Board




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